We have just completed major renovations on a home at Laceys Creek.  The home is now over double its previous size!  The job entailed adding: a huge deck, three bedrooms, new bathroom and laundry, extending the kitchen and making a walk in robe and ensuite in the existing house.  This is the before shot.

And this is the after shot – what an amazing difference.

We have been posting updates of this job and now that we have finished you can read the full summary of the building process which has been posted on our Facebook page.

Follow the numbers to follow the construction progress………..

1 – Have completed the set out and site cut and now the steel posts have been installed.

2 – Floor frame and floor being laid for the bedroom and bathroom extension.

Next photo shows the internal walls stripped and ready for modification to suite the new walk-in robe and ensuite.

This photo is the existing kitchen and patio stripped out as the new kitchen takes in the old patio with a new deck extension to be added.

There is major work to be done to the existing house as well as the extensions to be added. The house will be over double the existing size when completed.

3 – Frame for bedrooms, laundry and bathroom extension are now up and trusses are ready to be placed.

4 – Existing deck floor joists have been removed to be replaced with new floor joists. They will bring the floor level up to the same as the existing kitchen area.

5 – Kitchen and dining room extension floor, has now been laid. This will make a huge increase in size to the old kitchen area.

6 – This photo is looking back over the new massive deck frame to the kitchen extension. When completed the new deck is almost half the size of the existing house. The clients are looking forward to spending a great deal of time out here!

7 – As you can see this job is progressing well, framing is nearly completed and ready for roofing to be installed.

8 – The job is moving along well and we are now at lockup stage.

9 – This will be the future kitchen / family room. The post is in place to support the beam we replaced the existing external wall with making this room almost four times larger.

10 – This flooring is tongue and groove timber laid over the structural sheet flooring which will now match the existing brushbox timber floor throughout the house.

Once it has been sanded and polished, it will look a million dollars.

11 – Laundry cabinetry is in the process of being installed.

Kitchen is under way as well, it will be a massive kitchen in colonial style.

12 – Carpenters are working on laying the deck at the moment. This leads straight off the kitchen/family room. Once completed it will make for an awesome entertaining area.

13 – Kitchen is looking great – waiting for the caesarstone benchtops to be installed.

They will have a great view out over their deck once completed.

14 – Laundry and vanity cupboards are now completed – ready for the tilers to start.

15 – Hopefully the kids will be able to keep their room tidy now with the great storage space in their built in robe.

Will look even better once painted!

16 – Painting is coming along well – inside and out.

17 – The kitchen appliances and the ceasar stone benchtops have now been installed. The kitchen is really starting to take shape now.

18 – Floor polishers had a huge job ahead of them – stripping back the existing floor.

This next photo shows the new hallway floor sanded.

Once the existing and the new sections are polished, the floors will all look the same (even though there is 20+ years difference between the existing and new work).
I am waiting with much anticipation to see the finished product, as I just love timber floors.

19 – Some photos of the cabinetry – great job done by Aspen Cabinets again.

20 – The ensuite had a double shower with different fittings for his and hers.

21 – The custom build-in bookcase in the study has turned out great. The timber floors have polished up beautifully!

22 – Fly over roof of the deck has finally been completed and what an awesome area it has created.  The family love it.

A couple of photos showing the outside finished. We have turned a smallish 80’s styled house into a modern country feel. (Now it’s well over double its original size.)