We are very proud to have finished the construction of another new home in Upper Caboolture. The clients couldn’t wait to move in!

Following is a summary of the Facebook posts showing the home from set out to hand over.  Just follow the numbers to follow the construction stages.

Start Here….

1 – We are busy at the moment and this new home has just been started as well. The set out and the electrical lead has happened.

2 – The plumbers are laying the pipes.

3 – The next stage is that the footings are concreted in.

4 – The slab preparation is now completed and slab is being poured. The carpenters were able to get onto the slab the next day and get a start on the frame.

5 – Carpenters are well under way on the frame.

Crane is placing the roof trusses in position.

Frame completed and ready for fascias and gutters and roofing.

6 – Carpenters have completed the frame including installing the ceiling battons.

Plumbers installing their copper piping inside the walls.

7 – Roofer is working hard at installing the roof.

8 – Frame is now completed and plumber and electrician are installing services inside the walls.

The media room has sound insulation installed in the walls and ceiling so they can really crank up the sound while watching their movies.

9 – Plaster board and windows are now on site ready for installation.

Roof has now been completed, bricks are delivered and ready for the bricklayers to arrive.

10 – Brick layers are working along nicely. It is now starting to look like a home.

11 – Plasterers have sheeted and are now in the process of setting the joints. This makes the inside really start to take shape.

12 – Carpenters are now installing patio ceilings and eaves linings.

13 – Carpenters are working inside – fitting doors and architraves.

14 – Wet-seal is a water proof membrane installed behind the tiles to stop any water leaks. This has now been completed in wet areas and shower recesses.

15 – Painters are working through at the moment, big house ahead of them.

16 – Kitchen has been installed.

17 – Another home almost complete. Driveways have been poured now – not long til handover.

18 – Another home completed – just waiting for handover. The clients can’t wait to be in their new home.